Ph.D. Graduate Program

Ph.D. Graduate Program

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Soman Abraham, PhD, Margaret J. Atchison

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Pathology Graduate Program is to develop our students into independent scientists prepared to pursue a diversity of careers.  The end goal is for our graduates to be capable of elucidating the mechanisms and origins of human disease at the molecular and/or organismal level.  Additionally, the Graduate Program will provide students the opportunity to translate mechanistic insights gained at the bench to clinically relevant ...

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Experimental Pathology

In 1858, the great pathologist Rudolf Virchow wrote a book entitled "Cellular Pathology."  In this book Virchow formulated his concept that changes in cells accounted for diseases in organs. Subsequently, Virchow postulated the response to injury model of atherosclerosis. Today, a revolution in our knowledge of vascular injury has essentially supported Virchow's concept of atherosclerosis. Virchow can rightly be called the father of experimental pathology, that part of pathology which is...

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Diversity and Inclusion


The Pathology PhD Program seeks to align with the SOM Moments to Movement Strategic Plan


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Soman Abraham, PhD

Soman Abraham, PhD

Director of Graduate Studies

Margaret J. Atchison

Margaret J. Atchison

Senior Program Coordinator

DUMC 3712

Room 344M Davison South

Durham, NC 27710