DUMC Surgical Pathology

Duke Surgical Pathology provides state-of-the-art diagnostic services and consultation services with board certified experts in many Diagnostic Pathology subspecialties

Duke incorporates the latest molecular technologies in pathologic studies, providing the most advanced diagnostic information to its patients and physicians.

Copy of a Duke Pathology Report

To obtain a copy of a Duke Pathology report, please visit the Duke Medical Records site.

Duke Operative Specimen Exemption

To determine if your Duke operative specimen is exempt from a surgical pathology review, please see the Exceptions List.

Request a Consultation

To request a consultation, please go to our Consultation Services page.

Status of a Duke Pathology Report

To check on the status of a pathology report, please call 919-681-3133.


Rex Bentley, MD

Rex Bentley, MD
Division Chief, Surgical Pathology
Room M216A Davison Building, Duke South Green Zone
Office: 919-684-6423
Pager: 919-970-5722 
Fax: 919-681-7634