Goal & Mission

The Duke University School of Medicine's Pathologists’ Assistant Training Program goal and mission are to train academically qualified individuals to become allied health professionals who provide surgical pathology and autopsy pathology services under the direct supervision of a board certified pathologist.

Upon graduation from the Duke PA Program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate and apply general knowledge and theory of pathologic disease processes, as they relate to gross and microscopic anatomy, anatomic pathology techniques and laboratory procedural skills, gross and microscopic photography, and the analysis of medical and laboratory data associated with surgical and autopsy pathology;
  2. Demonstrate and apply, under the direction of a pathologist, the technical skills to perform surgical pathology and autopsy pathology gross examination and prosection of specimens, and the knowledge and judgment to identify and select the appropriate tissues and special studies reflective of the clinical history and general medical information available;
  3. Demonstrate and apply the knowledge and skills to perform a variety of administrative functions in anatomic pathology, to include budgetary, supervisory, teaching, the selection, use and maintenance of equipment, proactive communication and problem resolution, interprofessional collaboration, as well as other duties that may be assigned.