Application Process

Graduate students are admitted to the Pathology program through on-line applications to the Graduate School.

The graduate students are evaluated by a Departmental Admissions Committee consisting of 4-5 Graduate faculty selected by the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). The selection of graduate students to be interviewed is based on several criteria: their prior research experience, undergraduate grades, the quality of the undergraduate institution, GRE scores, and letters of recommendation.

Based on the evaluation of the Admissions Committee, we typically invite our top candidates for interviews. Most of these students are located in the US. In the case of outstanding foreign applicants, we conduct a telephone interview. Most of the students invited for interviews participate in a single visit over 2-3 weekdays (e.g. Wednesday – Friday). Whenever possible, we link the visit of the prospective students to recruitment events held by larger programs such as the Cell and Molecular Biology program or the Presidential scholars program. Each prospective student has one or more current graduate students who serve as host. During the visit, the prospective student interviews with each member of the Admission Committee and then meets with the Chairman and any other faculty that the applicant has asked to meet with. There is an orientation session with the DGS and a few current graduate students. The prospective student also attends the weekly Thursday seminar series where they get a chance to see all of the pathology graduate students in the program at the same time. Individual meetings between the prospective students and current students occur over dinner and a 30 min long scheduled interview session. Prospective students also get a campus tour, apartment tours, etc offered by the DGS and/or current graduate student hosts. The Pathology faculty members and students who have met with the prospective candidate write a short evaluation of each student. These evaluations are considered by the Admissions Committee and a final decision is made concerning admissions.

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