Pathology Post-Sophomore Fellowship

Duke Pathology offers a one-year post-sophomore fellowship opportunity for Duke medical students
interested in pursuing a career in pathology. One to two positions are available each academic year. 
Students who have finished their junior year of medical school may also apply.

The goal of the fellowship is to provide a total immersion experience similar to that of a PGY-1 pathology resident. The fellow will have rotations in surgical pathology, autopsy pathology, and clinical pathology. Elective months are available in subspecialties including dermatopathology, neuropathology, GI pathology, cytopathology, hematopathology, and others. Clinical pathology months may include transfusion medicine, flow cytometry, microbiology, molecular pathology, and others. The program is flexible, and can be adjusted and modified depending on the interest of the student.

The fellow will always be under the supervision of pathology residents and faculty, and will participate in frozen sections, grossing, autopsies, and on-call responsibilities. The fellow will attend and participate in daily teaching conferences. The fellow may also elect to propose a clinical research project and select a research mentor within the department. Presentation of research findings at a national conference is encouraged and supported.


Students must be in good academic standing and have completed at least two or three years of medical school prior to the fellowship. The preferred starting date is July 1 but can be adjusted depending on the medical school schedule. Applicants under consideration will be invited for an interview.

(This fellowship is currently filled for 2021-2022.)

Please submit the following documents prior to February 1:

   Curriculum vitae
   Personal statement
   Two letters of recommendation
   USMLE Step 1 (optional)

Stipend and Benefits:

The fellows will receive a stipend and a book/travel allowance from the Pathology Department. Insurance benefits are also provided.

Please send applications to the Fellowship Coordinator:

Debra Andersen, C-TAGME
GME Program Coordinator
Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Cytopathology, Dermatopathology, Hematopathology, Medical Microbiology, Neuropathology, Post-Sophomore Fellowship
Duke University Medical Center
Department of Pathology, DUMC 3712
Durham, North Carolina 27710
Phone: 919-684-2070

John M. Carney MD
Assistant Professor of Pathology
Director, Post-Sophomore Fellowship


2020-2021 Post-Sophomore Fellows

Name: Alexis Musick
Hometown: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
College: University of Miami
Medical School: Duke University School of Medicine
Residency Plans: Pathology, IR/DR, or Orthopedic Surgery

Career Goals: I have the somewhat fortunate problem of loving too many things in medicine, so I’m still toying between a few different residency options. That said, regardless of what I choose, I plan to pursue a career in academic medicine with an emphasis on mentorship and medical student education.
Hobbies and Interests: I love rock climbing (both bouldering and top roping), vinyasa yoga, video games (and, academically, AI), FaceTiming my little brother, watching horror movies with friends, and trying out new restaurants across the state with my SO.
Why Duke: I have been interested in working with the Duke Department of Pathology in some capacity after having had the wonderful opportunity to get to know some of the faculty during our first-year histopathology labs. Learning medicine from the ground up with a deep dive into the pathophysiology of disease is important to me, and there is no better place to do so than surrounded by such warm, brilliant, and enthusiastic residents and faculty.  
Why Durham: Having grown up in two countries and ten states, most recently the boiling swamp that is Florida, I knew that I wanted to end up somewhere that had seasons. Durham fit that bill nicely, and coincidentally had a lot of other perks – close to the mountains, a short drive from beaches, beautiful trails, and (surprisingly) great vegan food.


Name: Hayley Premo
Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC
College: Christopher Newport University
Medical School: Duke University School of Medicine
Residency Plans:  Pathology, Urology, GI Medicine

Career Goals: I’m still trying to pin down a specialty, but I would ideally end up working in academics. I want to be able to serve as a mentor to others, as well as continue research throughout my career.
Hobbies and Interests: It’s hard for me to sit still so I’m always trying to pick up new hobbies! I enjoy painting, spending time with my dogs and S/O, crocheting, listening to true crime podcasts, baking new gluten free recipes, trying to keep my plants alive, and watching trash TV (ex. Real Housewives of anywhere).
Why Duke: Duke has a well-known medical school curriculum and renowned hospital resources. I wanted to come to school here because I knew there would be myriad opportunities for personal and professional growth.  
Why Durham: I think Durham is a pretty interesting place. Duke takes up most of the community, but I think there are a ton of hidden gems within the city, both within and outside the sphere of gentrification. The good restaurants, hiking trails, proximity to all kinds of museums, and affordability of housing making Durham a really great place to live