The Duke Precision Cancer Medicine Initiative (PCMI) is comprised of the Duke Molecular Tumor Board (DMTB), the Duke Frameshift Molecular Registry of Tumors
(Frameshift MRT), and participation in the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Genomics Evidence Neoplasia Information Exchange (GENIE) cancer genomic data sharing program, with the goal of promoting precision medicine within the Duke University Health System (DUHS).

Duke Molecular Tumor Board Program

The Duke Molecular Tumor Board (DMTB) is a collaboration between the Duke Pathology Department and the Duke Cancer Institute (DCI), and was developed to foster precision medicine within the DCI. The DMTB host a weekly meeting that brings together a multi-disciplinary team of pathologists, oncologists, research scientists, hereditary geneticists, and clinical trial coordinators to disseminate insights related to clinical next-generation DNA sequencing performed on oncology samples. This includes discussions of best practices, clinical recommendations based on specific mutational profiles, and referrals to hereditary genetics. To find out more about DMTB meetings, or request a patient be reviewed, please send an email to:

Duke Molecular Registry of Tumors

The Duke Frameshift Molecular Registry of Tumors (Frameshift MRT) is a secure clinical data repository designed to store results from all comprehensive genomic profiling test performed at Duke. Frameshift MRT was created to support patient care, giving pathologists and oncologists the ability to search easily for patients with specific molecular alterations. With the field of precision medicine rapidly evolving, this allows for the identification of patients who could benefit from a newly approved drug or who could qualify for a clinical trial. The Frameshift MRT database is also available for research purposes for projects, having received approval from the Duke Institutional Review Board (IRB). Please follow the appropriate link to request access or a query of the Frameshift MRT database for clinical or research purposes.

AACR Genie Project

An important goal of the Duke Precision Cancer Medicine Initiative to make data generated through our sequencing programs available to researchers both within and outside of Duke. To accomplish this, we've partnered with the AACR GENIE  consortium to join our de-identified data with data from several other institutions. The AACR GENIE consortium then makes this data freely available to the public through cBioPortal and the Synapse Platform , with the aim of fostering research and the development of new cancer therapies. As a member of the GENIE Consortium, Duke benefits from early access to GENIE data that can be used by our investigators. For information about early access to private AACR GENIE data, please contact Michelle Green.


Shannon J. McCall

Shannon J. McCall, MD
Faculty Co-Lead, Vice Chair for Translational Research in Pathology

Michael Datto

Michael Datto, MD PhD
Faculty Co-Lead, Associate Vice President for Clinical Laboratories DUHS

MIchelle Greene

Michelle Green, PhD
DMTB Program Leader

Chris Hubbard

Chris Hubbard
Clinical Informatics Architect