Maureen Hoffman
Principal Investigator
Professor of Pathology
Assistant Professor of Integrative Immunobiology
Contact Information

Duke Email or VA Email

Office Address:
Pathology & Lab Medicine Service, Rm F3184
Durham VA Medical Center.
508 Fulton St
Durham, NC 27705

Laboratory: Rm E2008;
Lab phone 919-286-0411 x7747

Postal Address:
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Service (113)
Durham VA Medical Center, Durham, NC 27705

Research Interests

Our laboratory studies mechanisms of hemostasis.

This work led to the development of a cell-based model of coagulation that is more physiologically relevant than the earlier "cascadeā€ model.   We have used cell-based conceptual and experimental models to understand mechanisms by which drugs can enhance hemostasis and prevent thrombosis, with a goal of designing better therapeutic strategies.  In addition, we are studying how products of the coagulation process influence inflammatory/immune responses, angiogenesis and tissue repair.


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