Core Facilities + Services
Cutting-edge shared resource facilities providing advanced support in imaging, specimen analysis and archiving, and data management.

Core Facilities + Services

BioRepository & Precision Pathology Center

The Duke BRPC is a tissue, blood and fluid biorepository, tissue procurement service and research support core laboratory within the Department of Pathology. BRPC serves as the Southern Division for the National Cancer Institute’s Cooperative Human Tissue Network (CHTN).

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Research Animal Pathology Service

The Research Animal Pathology Service is a shared resource in the School of Medicine that provides excellence in animal pathology support in order to optimize the scientific value as well as the reproducibility of animal studies. The Research Animal Pathology Service helps support the animal care and use function in the Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR) as well as provides research...

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Research Electron Microscopy Service

The Duke Electron Microscopy Service is a resource for high quality light and electron micrographs and is the longest continuously running shared service facility on campus with a history of almost four decades. This facility provides a full range of sample preparation, technical assistance, and training in viewing and photographing specimens.

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Research Immunohistology Lab

The Research Histology Laboratory functions as a service laboratory with the primary role of providing specialized support to the autopsy service and multiple investigators at Duke. The Research Histology Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility that provides routine and specialized histological services, as well as immunohistochemical stains.

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PhotoPath is a core service in the Department of Pathology at Duke University Medical Center. Our emphasis is on personal communication and high quality, making sure you get the best end-product for your project the first time. We specialize in photomicrography, gross specimen photography and macros, and documenting any kind of research materials you may generate.

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