Drs. Factor and Jeck Approved as DCI Associate Members

Rachel Factor, MD, and William Jeck, MD, PhD, have been approved as Associate Members of the Duke Cancer Institute (DCI). 

The primary DCI research program for both Factor and Jeck is the Precision Cancer Medicine & Investigational Therapeutics (PCMIT) program. Read about PCMIT here, including focus areas, clinical trials and scientific highlights. They also both have the same secondary appointment: Cancer Risk, Detection & Interception. 

Factor’s primary research focus is in breast pathology. She is involved in multiple ongoing research studies led by Primary Investigators who are DCI members. Jeck supports DCI research in part through his role in the Duke Biorepository and Precision Pathology Center (BRPC) as Associate Director for Digital Pathology, with the development of machine learning and AI tools for whole slide image analysis.

Other DCI members who have their primary appointment in the Department of Pathology include: Soman Abraham, PhD, Rami Al-Rohil, MBBS, PhD, Rex Bentley, MD, Ming Chen, PhD, Zhong Chen, PhD, Thomas Cummings, MD, Michael Datto, MD, PhD, Jeffrey Everitt, DVM, Yiping He, PhD, Jiaoti Huang, MD, PhD, Xiaoyin “Sara” Jiang, MD, Anand Lagoo, MD, PhD, Chelsea Landon, DVM, PhD, Giselle López, MD, PhD, Everardo Macias, PhD, Shannon McCall, MD, Roger McLendon, MD, Jadee Neff, MD, PhDMikhail Nikiforov, PhDJung Wook Park, PhD, Beth Shaz, MD, Chanjuan Shi, MD, PhD, Kyle Strickland, MD, PhD, Qianben Wang, PhD, Zijun Xu-Monette, PhD, and Ken Young, MD, PhD.

Shannon McCall, MD, is co-leader of the DCI’s PCMIT program and Director of the BioRepository & Precision Pathology Center (BRPC), a shared resource of the DCI. She encourages all pathology clinical and research faculty involved in cancer-related research to apply for DCI membership. 

“There are many benefits to DCI membership for faculty, including enhanced opportunities for collaborative research efforts, access to DCI educational and administrative resources, and the opportunity to apply for DCI Pilot Award funds,” says McCall.  The application process requires an NIH-type bio sketch, and a paragraph summary of your research interest/involvement. More information about membership can be found here (requires Duke Network/VPN).

The DCI is structured with seven research programs, outlined here.