Dr. Xiaoyin "Sara" Jiang Promoted to Professor

Xiaoyin "Sara" Jiang,MD, FCAPhas been promoted to professor, effective Jan. 1st, 2024. She is the chief of Duke Head, Neck, and Endocrine Pathology. Her areas of research and expertise are cytopathology and surgical pathology of the head and neck and endocrine systems, with particular interest in thyroid nodules, and ultrasound-guided FNA. She also focuses on novel applications of social media for physicians and medical education.

“Dr. Xiaoyin (Sara) Jiang is an outstanding surgical pathologist and cytopathologist with particular expertise in the performance and interpretation of fine-needle aspiration biopsies of the thyroid gland,” said David N. Howell, MD, PhD. “She is a pioneer in the use of ultrasound guidance in this procedure.  In addition, she has worked tirelessly to promote pathology education and enhance the reputation of our department, through social media channels as well as active participation in national and international scholarly societies.” 

Dr. Jiang performs a fine-needle aspiration biopsy of the thyroid gland
Dr. Jiang performs a fine-needle aspiration biopsy of the thyroid gland (photo courtesy of the College of American Pathologists)

Jiang is frequently invited to share her expertise at conferences around the world. In October, 2023, she co-chaired a session titled “Social Media for the Social Thyroidologist" at the American Thyroid Association's (ATA) Centennial Meeting in Washington, DC. In July 2023, she delivered a keynote presentation at 47th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Division of the International Academy of Pathology in Brisbane, Australia, and was the special guest at its inaugural Women in Pathology Dinner, where signed copies of her textbook, the Survival Guide to Cytopathology.

Jiang’s work is broadly recognized. In August, 2022, she was named to the Pathologist Magazine’s Power List, featured in its “Voyage of Discovery” category. She was also named to the Power List in 2016, 2018 and 2020.