Dr. Sergio Piña -Oviedo Presents at Mexican College and Association of Pathologists Conference

Associate Professor Sergio Piña-Oviedo, MD, was invited to the city of Queretaro, Mexico, on May 2nd, 2024, to give a talk titled “IgG4-Related Lymphadenopathy” at the LXV (65th) Conference of the Mexican College and Association of Pathologists. The conference is one of the main annual pathology conferences that takes place in Mexico. His talk was part of the Hematopathology Module dedicated to reactive lymphadenopathies.

IgG4-Related Lymphadenopathy is the nodal manifestation of IgG4-Related disease, a chronic inflammatory condition associated with systemic immune-mediated non-neoplastic disease.  It’s characterized by tissue infiltration with lymphocytes, eosinophils, and IgG4-secreting plasma cells and various degrees of fibrosis (scarring). Unlike neoplastic diseases (which involve abnormal cell growth, such as cancer), non-neoplastic immune-mediated diseases primarily involve inflammation and immune system dysfunction.

Sergio Piña -Oviedo, MD, presenting “IgG4-Related Lymphadenopathy”
Sergio Piña -Oviedo, MD, presents “IgG4-Related Lymphadenopathy”

 Piña-Oviedo serves in Duke’s divisions of Hematopathology and Thoracic Pathology, and is associate director of Proteomics for the Biorepository and Precision Pathology Center (BRPC). He joined the faculty in March 2022 as an assistant professor, and is certified in both anatomic and clinical pathology and hematopathology.