Dr. Sarah Bean Invited to Give Two Talks at the University of Alabama

Vice Chair of Faculty Sarah Bean, MD, visited the University of Alabama (UAB) at Birmingham in May 2024, where she delivered two talks.

Her C. Bruce Alexander Lecture in Pathology Education on May 30th was titled “Just Okay is Not Okay! Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively.” In it, she defined feedback, described the feedback process framework, and gave her prescription for giving and receiving feedback effectively. The lecture honors Dr. C. Bruce Alexander for his many years of service to UAB Pathology’s teaching mission, who was present for the lecture. Alexander served as program director when Bean completed her residency at UAB from 2002-2006.

Sarah Bean, MD, at UAB with Dr. Alexander and Dr. Magi-Galluzzi
Left to right: Dr. Sarah Bean, Dr. C. Bruce Alexander, Dr. Cristina Magi-Galluzzi, Chair, UAB Pathology, C. Bruce Alexander Endowed Professor

“Dr. Alexander was my mentor and taught me a lot about leadership and education, especially when I served as Anatomic Pathology chief resident,” said Bean.

On May 31st, she was the keynote speaker for the Department of Pathology Graduation Ceremony at UAB-Birmingham. In her talk titled "What Are You Doing Next?" she presented Swiss-American social psychologist Edgar Schein's major career stages and provided pathologist-specific advice for action items to shape a meaningful career in pathology.