Dr. Meg Lee Named Chair of Inaugural NCSP Trainee Advisory Council

By Jamie Botta

Meg Lee, MD, PGY4, has been named as chair of the inaugural North Carolina Society of Pathologists’ (NCSP) Trainee Advisory Council. Lee and the other committee members, including Duke Hematopathology Fellow Catherine Tucker, MD, ​​​​​will aim to enhance pathology trainee participation and engagement with the NCSP and, in turn, will allow the society to better meet the needs of pathology trainees across the state of North Carolina. 

 The NCSP works closely with the College of American Pathologists and North Carolina Medical Society to provide an avenue for educational and social engagement, and acts as a mechanism to advocate for topics of interest to pathologists and their patients. They host an annual meeting that is one of the best pathologist networking and CME opportunities in the state. This year’s meeting will be held from April 26-27, 2024, in Charlotte, N.C.