Dr. Mark Lee Returns to Duke Pathology

On Feb. 1st, 2024, Assistant Professor of Pathology Mark Lee, PhD, returned to Duke. He will serve in Duke’s Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, where he worked from 2019 to 2023, when he left to tend to family matters and work at Quest Diagnostics in the New Jersey/New York area.

“I’m happy to be back at Duke, and to come back to the Clinical Microbiology Lab and have the opportunity to work with Lab Director Diana Alame, MD, MBE, and Lab Manager Jeanette Uzzell,” said Lee.”

During his previous tenure, he had many accomplishments, including the following:

Lee’s goals include the following initiatives:

  • Build sequencing infrastructure in the Clinical Microbiology Lab.
  • Contribute to the department’s research and education mission.
  • Continue to implement and develop clinical tests for patient care.

Duke is grateful for his return, and looks forward to supporting him in reaching his goals.