Dr. Karra Jones Invited to Present about Muscle Diseases at UNC and AANP

On March 15th, Associate Professor of Pathology Karra Jones, MD, PhD, gave a Grand Rounds presentation in person at the UNC Division of Rheumatology, Allergy, and Immunology. Her talk was titled “An Update on the Pathology of Idiopathic Inflammatory and Immune-Mediated Myopathies.”

Idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (IIMs) are a group of rare autoimmune diseases that cause muscle inflammation and injury, also known as myositis. They mainly affect skeletal muscles, but sometimes involve other organs and tissues.

A slide from Dr. Karra Jones' AANP Teaching Rounds presentation
A slide from Jones' AANP Teaching Rounds presentation

A few days later on March 18th, she gave an invited virtual lecture for the American Association of Neuropathologists (AANP) “Teaching Rounds” series titled “Muscle Pathology Across a Spectrum: Tips to Diagnose Common Muscle Diseases with Varied Presentations.”  Her address featured a compilation of commonly encountered cases with the same diagnosis, but highly different histopathologic findings, including tips to help identify and diagnose them. 

Jones was also invited in June 2022 to present a lecture for the AANP series titled “High-Yield Congenital Myopathy Pathology."

Jones is the medical director of Duke’s Electron Microscopy and Immunochemistry Laboratory. She also serves as section head of Muscle & Nerve Pathology; and as director of the Neuropathology Fellowship Program.