Dr. Elizabeth Pavlisko Named Director of DAPDA Lab

On Feb. 5th, Associate Professor of Pathology Elizabeth Pavlisko, MD, was named as director for Duke’s Division of Anatomic Pathology and Digital Analytics (DAPDA) LaboratoryDiana Cardona, MD, MBA, who previously held the role, will serve as associate medical director for DUHS Clinical Laboratories and will continue as its director of Anatomic Pathology.

For the last eight years, Pavlisko's experience and scope of responsibilities have steadily grown. In 2014, she began as the associate director of Immunopathology and in 2018 was named as director of Image Analysis, a laboratory performing paraffin fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and immunohistochemistry (IHC) biomarker testing, which is used to detect biomarkers in cancer cells. Recently, she was named associate director of DAPDA following the merge of the Image Analysis and Histology laboratories.  

“It has been such a pleasure partnering with Dr. Pavlisko, and working to move this lab forward,” said Cardona.

“I am delighted to step into a larger role working with the DAPDA laboratory staff under Duke Clinical Laboratories’ leadership team,” said Pavlisko. “As we move forward, I see optimization of workflow, augmentation of efficiency and productivity, and expansion of our diagnostic and biomarker testing capabilities as key areas of focus for 2024.”

Additionally, John Carney, MD, will be her new partner, assuming the role of the associate director of DAPDA. Duke Pathology is fortunate to have both of these accomplished individuals assume leadership in these roles. 

In December 2020, Pavlisko was selected as a Duke Clinical Leadership Program (DCLP) Fellow. She was chosen for this program as a faculty member who showed high potential to assume larger leadership roles across DukeHealth.  

She also has served as section chief of Thoracic/Pulmonary Pathology since July 2020, and is a lung co-chair for the Organ Steering Committee at the Banff Foundation for Allograft Pathology, as well as co-chair (lung) for its Scientific Program Committee.