Bao Presents at UNC Fall Student Seminar Series


PhD student Evangaline Bao spoke at the Pathobiology and Translational Science Fall Student Seminar Series at UNC on Nov. 1st.  Her presentation was titled “A Mast Cell-Thermoregulatory Neuron Circuit Axis Regulates Hypothermia in Anaphylaxis.”

I was really glad to have this opportunity to present my thesis work at UNC,” said Bao, who is a part of the Dr. Soman Abraham Lab. “The UNC pathology group was really nice and friendly. They gave a very kind introduction of me and they asked great questions after the talk, some of which enlightened new aspects for my future studies. I look forward to seeing more collaborations and interactions between our programs in the near future.”

Matthew Combs, part of the Dr. Joan Taylor Lab at UNC-Chapel Hill, also made a presentation, titled “The Role of GRAF2 in Skeletal Muscle as a Mitochondrial Quality Control Factor Necessary for Normal Function.”

On Oct. 25th, fellow PhD graduate student Amelia Schirmer presented in what we hope was a first step toward creating a thriving collaboration with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill) Pathology PhD Program. Later this semester, another student will present at this series, and in spring of 2023 we plan to have a joint symposium that is organized by the Duke and UNC students.