Amelia Schirmer

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PhD Student

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Home town: Southern Pines, NC

College: UNC Chapel Hill

Research: Hippo Pathway signaling in prostate cancer

Career Goals: I am undecided on whether I wish to pursue an academic or industry research position for a postdoctoral position, they both are appealing to me for different reasons. Long term I have interests in a range of careers including teaching, science communication and government science regulation positions

Hobbies: Gardening, baking and mountain biking

Why Duke: I really appreciate the resources available at Duke and the many opportunities for collaboration within the academic research field as well as crossing over into collaboration with the clinical side.

Why Durham: I lived in Durham before starting graduate school and I am totally in love with the area. I love the food, beer and music scene that is in the triangle. I also appreciate the progressive social and political environment which is evolving and addressing issue that are important across the country. The third thing I love is the weather and neighborhoods in Durham where I live and frequently walk and bike.