Dr. Qianben Wang Elected as Director at Large of Society for Basic Urological Research

On Oct. 27th, 2023, Qianben Wang, PhD, was elected as director at large of the Society for Basic Urological Research (SBUR). Founded in 1986, the SBUR stands as a leading international urologic research society, with members from regions including the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Its diverse membership roster includes molecular and developmental biologists, oncologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, andrologists, biochemists, bioinformaticians, and clinical urologic surgeon-scientists.

As director at large, Wang is dedicated to enhancing the dissemination of urology knowledge. This includes topics related to benign and malignant diseases of the prostate, bladder, kidney, testis, and penis, as well as developmental biology. He is committed to working alongside other SBUR leaders to nurture the next generation of trainees across all aspects of basic urological research. Moreover, he’s eager to collaborate with SBUR's leadership to obtain vital resources, offer initial funding for pioneering urological research, and foster teamwork within the SBUR community.

In August, 2023, SBUR selected Wang as the Scientific Program Chair for its 2025 Annual Meeting. In addition, he was appointed Chair of the Abstract and Travel Award Selection Committee for the 2023 SBUR Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX, in Nov. 2023. The meeting features world-class faculty, cutting-edge technology, and lectures on the hottest topics in urology.

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