Dr. Bangchen Wang’s Work Published in Ultrastructural Pathology

On May 16th, 2024, the journal Ultrastructural Pathology published a paper by Bangchen Wang, MD, PhD, PGY4, titled “Infection as a Trigger of Acute, Transient Glomerular Deposition of Clonal Immunoglobulins.”  (Wang, B., Schub, M., Robinson, D. L., & Howell, D. N., 2024)

It describes two patients with underlying lymphomas who developed acute renal failure and massive renal deposition of clonal IgM antibody molecules (produced by the lymphomas) in the setting of systemic infections. The antibodies formed large, thrombus-like deposits within capillary loops of the kidney glomeruli. Both patients experienced complete recovery of renal function after treatment/resolution of their infection, which is an unusual outcome for individuals with renal clonal immunoglobulin deposition.

This is Wang’s second publication in as many years in the journal.  It is based upon an abstract and poster presented at last year’s American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week meeting where he received the Liliane Striker Young Investigator Award from the Renal Pathology Society for his work, which was sponsored by Senior Vice Chair of Pathology David Howell, MD, PhD

In July 2024, Bangchen will begin a one-year fellowship in renal pathology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.