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Phone: 919-286-0411 x6494

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Office Address:
Pathology & Lab Medicine Service, Rm F3184
Durham VA Medical Center.
508 Fulton St
Durham, NC 27705

Laboratory: Rm E2008;
Lab phone 919-286-0411 x7747

Postal Address:
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Service (113)
Durham VA Medical Center, Durham, NC 27705

Hoffman Lab

Hoffman Lab

Maureane Hoffman, MD, PhD

Professor of Pathology
Director, Transfusion Service, Durham VA Medical Center

Research Interests

Our laboratory studies mechanisms of hemostasis.

This work led to the development of a cell-based model of coagulation that is more physiologically relevant than the earlier "cascade” model.   We have used cell-based conceptual and experimental models to understand mechanisms by which drugs can enhance hemostasis and prevent thrombosis, with a goal of designing better therapeutic strategies.  In addition, we are studying how products of the coagulation process influence inflammatory/immune responses, angiogenesis and tissue repair.


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