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Phone: 919-684-3630
Office Address:
Edwin L. Jones Research Bdg.
207 Research Dr, Rm 257
Durham, NC 27705

Edwin L. Jones Research Bdg.
207 Research Dr, Rms 251, 253, 255
Durham, NC 27705
Lab Phone: 919-684-6942

Postal Address:
DUMC 3020
Durham, NC 27710

Abraham Lab

Soman N. Abraham Ph.D.

Abraham Lab

Soman Ninan Abraham, PhD, MS, BS

Professor of Pathology
Director of Graduate Studies in Pathology
Co-Director of Duke Summer Research Opportunities Program

Research Interests

This laboratory focuses on two main research areas:

(a) Elucidating the role of mast cells in modulating immune responses to microbial pathogens.
Our studies have revealed that mast cells play a key sentinel role and upon bacterial or viral infection, modulate both innate and adaptive immune responses through the release of immunomodulatory molecules borne in granules. Our current investigations are centered on elucidating the molecular and cellular aspects of how mast cells mediate their immunomodulatory role. We are also examining several mast cell-targeted strategies to boost immunity to infections as well as reduce any pathological consequences of infection.

(b) Investigating cross-talk between the immune system and distinct infectious agents such as Uropathogenic E. coli, Salmonella typhimurium and Yersinia pestis.
We have recognized that different pathogens possess distinct mechanisms to evade or coopt one or more immune cells to establish infection. Our studies now dwell on developing novel pathogen-specific strategies to combat infection.

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Book Sections

  • Abraham, SN, Sharon, N, Ofek, I, and Schwartzman, JD. "Adhesion and Colonization." In Molecular Medical Microbiology: Second Edition, 409-421. November 26, 2014
  • Ofek, I, Bayer, EA, and Abraham, SN. "Bacterial adhesion." In The Prokaryotes: Human Microbiology, 107-123. November 1, 2013

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