Tyler Wildes, MD, PhD

Tyler Wildes, MD, PhD
University of Florida College of Medicine

Contact Information:

Hometown:  Jacksonville, FL

College:  University of Georgia, University of Florida

Medical School:  College of Medicine University of Florida

Fellowship plans:  Hematopathology

Career goals: Open to academic or private practice opportunities.

Hobbies and Interests:  I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family. Activities usually revolve around running, hiking, biking, yoga, fishing, hunting, gardening, and cooking.

Why Duke:  Duke has an amazing reputation as a top-tier academic research hospital. Once interviews began, Duke Pathology stood out among the rest as a place that emphasized the right things in training and had all that I was looking for in a program.

Why Durham: Durham is a perfect size, is affordable, has jobs for significant others, and has outstanding outdoor activities near the city and nearby in the mountains and coastal areas.