Julia Wielgus

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Pathologists' Assistant Student

Contact Information:

Hometown: Durham, NC 

College: North Carolina State University 

Career goals: Pathologists’ Assistant - Surgical Pathology 

Hobbies and Interests: Traveling, Stand-Up-Paddleboarding, Disc Golf, Tennis, Watching Hurricanes Hockey

Why Duke: Duke has the longest-standing program of all schools offering the PA program. Being located in the Triangle, external rotations can be done locally in both large research institutions and community hospitals, allowing for exposure to various settings and experiences without the need to relocate every couple weeks. The small 8 person cohort allows for personalized one-on-one learning and support from mentors and peers. 

Why Durham: Durham boasts a plethora of opportunities in itself and by being near RTP and Raleigh, all major hubs for research, medicine, social life, and sports. Additionally, it is perfectly in the middle between the beach and the mountains, allowing for quick weekend getaways. Durham is my home so being able to attend school in the community I grew up in is yet another plus.