Jessica Grygus

Jessica Grygus
Pathologists' Assistant Student

Contact Information:

Hometown: Conway, Arkansas

College: Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Career Goals: I am interested in working in surgical pathology and later in my career teaching at (or starting) a PA program. I hope to be able to pass on my knowledge and love for the field to the next generation of Pathologists’ Assistants, as those did for me!

Hobbies and Interests: Being with friends, going for walks, trying new coffee shops, badminton, and pickleball.

Why Duke: I loved how welcoming the faculty and students were from the start. I also wanted to be in a small program that provides academic rigor, an emphasis on collaboration over competition, local clinical rotations, and has ample exposure to complex specimens; Duke checks all the boxes!

Why Durham: Having lived in the midwest my entire life, I was in need of a change! I love that everything is in reach. From city life to nature trails, everything you need is here (or right next door).