Caleb Moore

Caleb Moore
Pathologists' Assistant Student

Contact Information:

Hometown: Lindale, Texas

College: Baylor University

Career Goals: I plan on starting within an academic hospital setting in order to maximize my exposure to rare and challenging cases. After that, I may choose to participate in different laboratory settings based on my experiences during the clinical rotation portion of the program.

Hobbies and Interests: Board/Card Games, Escape Rooms, Video Games, Home Bartending

Why Duke: The Duke program continues to maintain an excellent track record of preparing PA students for both the ASCP Board of Certification exam and the real-world laboratory environment. Additionally, I appreciate the program's ability to provide quality clinical rotations close to the Duke campus in order for students to remain close to their families. During the program interview, I was drawn to how warm and caring the staff were and how invested they are in helping each student succeed in their PA journey.

Why Durham: Growing up in a small-town environment for most of my life, Durham will provide a refreshing atmosphere to explore new food and entertainment with my wife. Durham is also a very beautiful town year-round and has much more reasonable weather than my home state of Texas.