Adam Jimenez, MD

Adam Jimenez
Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Contact Information:

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

College: Appalachian State University

Medical School: Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Fellowship plans: Hematopathology

Career goals: To be the best pathologist I can be whether that be in the private or academic setting.

Hobbies and Interests: Classical and fingerstyle guitar, motorcycling and salsa dancing.

Why Duke: Duke Pathology provides a well-rounded AP/CP curriculum and reputable training that can benefit a variety of career goals. No matter what subspecialty you end up choosing, Duke will prepare you well to reach your unique goals.

Why Durham: Like the program, Durham provides a great variety to enjoy. A central location to the beach or mountains and a small town vibe with big city music, food and art culture to partake in.