Susan Reeves Retires After 40 Years of Guiding PhotoPath

On September 10th, Susan Reeves, who has been a constant presence and guiding force in the Department of Pathology’s PhotoPath group for four decades retired.  For the first part of her extraordinary career, Susan concentrated on the production and assembly of micrographs and gross photographs for scholarship and teaching.  Generations of faculty pathologists and trainees sat with her at the microscope and learned the fine art and science of composing and recording images for optimal clarity and effect.  More recently, she has taken on the formidable task of orchestrating our website and periodicals, work she has done with both great skill and a deep understanding of the department’s history.  This allowed Susan to create the Pathology Annual Reports that told the great things happening in Duke Pathology and were enhanced by her beautiful photos. In all these endeavors, her efforts have been informed by a passion for detail and a desire to tell a story in the most effective way possible.
Please join me in thanking Susan for all of her years of service and wishing her all the best in her future endeavors.

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