Dr. Deyrup Presents on Race in Medicine

Andrea Deyrup, MD, PhD, and her colleague, Joseph Graves, Jr., PhD, were the keynote speakers at the National Board of Medical Examiners Invitational Conference for Educators (NICE) in Philadelphia on June 14th.  Participants from 127 medical schools across the United States attended their talk, “Racial Biology and Medical Misconceptions: From Curriculum to Assessment and Back Again.” The NICE conference is a philanthropic professional development event of the NBME, designed to benefit medical educators who are new to or inexperienced in creating learner assessments.  

On June 30th, Deyrup and Graves hosted a resident round table and presented a virtual Grand Rounds for the American Society of Clinical Pathology titled “(Nearly) Everything You Learned About Race in Medical School is Wrong.” Their presentation has evolved over the last 15 months from the Grand Rounds that Deyrup first offered to the Duke University Department of Pathology in March of 2021, “Race in Robbins: Data or Distraction?

Since that time, Deyrup and Graves have shared this material with nearly 30 institutions in a variety of clinical departments. Their presentation was recently featured in CAP Today, the publication of the College of American Pathologists.

In July 2022, Deyrup will giving the C. Bruce Alexander lecture at the Association of Pathology Chairs annual meeting in Chicago titled “But Now We See: Reviewing Race in Medicine.”

Dr. Deyrup and C Bruce Alexander Presentation Slides