Contact Information


Animal Pathology Core
Rm. 0112, RP4
6 Circuit Drive
Durham, NC 27710  

Phone: 919-684-1369


Everitt Lab

Everitt Lab

Animal Pathology Core


Jeffrey Everitt, DVM

Professor Track - V in Pathology



Research Interests

The focus of Dr. Everitt’s laboratory is to provide research pathology support for the development and characterization of animal models for translational research.  The laboratory works with a variety of other shared resources in the School of Medicine to provide collaborative and supporting services for Duke biomedical community projects that have macroscopic pathology, histopathology or clinical pathology needs in research animal models. Dr. Everitt is available for consultation and collaboration on the following:

  • Animal necropsy support
  • Phenotyping of genetically modified rodents
  • Preclinical toxicology studies
  • Project consultation during initial study design, execution, analysis, and publication preparation
  • Morphologic diagnoses using standardized consensus nomenclature
  • Standardized scoring systems for neoplastic, inflammatory, and other non-neoplastic lesions
  • Cause of death assignments, co-morbidity, and disease burden quantification
  • Customized methods development for project-specific pathology objectives
  • Comparison and validation of animal models to human conditions


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