USCAP/SCVP Recognizes Glass

Dr. Carolyn Glass

At the recent 2020 USCAP Society of Cardiovascular Pathology (SCVP) Companion Meeting, Carolyn Glass, MD PhD was elected as one of three Executive Councilors to serve from 2020-2023 on the SCVP Executive Committee. The SCVP is devoted to the advancement of the study of cardiovascular disorders and spans members that include pathologists, cardiologists, surgeons,  educators, and scientific investigators.

Dr. Glass, alongside Dr. Robert Padera from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA was also the recipient of the SCVP’s inaugural 2020 Margaret Billingham Award given in recognition for “the most important original manuscript published in the Cardiovascular Pathology journal for 2019.”  Entitled “Thrombus on the inflow cannula of the HeartWare HVAD an update,” the study revealed over 30% of patients suffer cerebrovascular events from thrombus formation due to an inflow cannula design change of the HVAD left ventricular assist device. The study emphasizes the importance of how findings on a gross examination can provide meaningful clinical information for the patient, clinician, as well as industry/medical device partners. The paper will be re-published in a special edition of the Cardiovascular Pathology journal in 2020.