Range Named Associate Medical Director of Cytopathology

Danielle Range, MD

We are very pleased to announce that Danielle Range, MD  has been appointed Associate Medical Director of Cytopathology Division.

Dr. Range completed her AP/CP training and head and neck fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital.  She moved on to MD Anderson Cancer Center to complete a cytopathology fellowship.  After training, Danielle joined MD Anderson as the only faculty member signing out head and neck and cytopathology.

Before coming to Duke in 2015, Danielle spent several years in private practice where she served in leadership positions as director of anatomic pathology and cytopathology.  In these roles, she led the roll-out of EMR test ordering in the out-patient setting and helped institute FNA services to support oral/maxillofacial surgeons.  She also established laboratory outreach to endocrine clinics for thyroid FNA support and ancillary testing.  This inspired her to create FNA educational materials for physician colleagues to address issues related to pre-analytical variables.   In this capacity, she worked closely with community clinicians to provide superior cytology services. 

Since joining Duke, Danielle has served as section chief for ENT/Endocrine Pathology and chair of the Clinical Competency Committee for the cytopathology fellowship. She is a member of the American Society of Cytopathology, Current Concepts and Research Committee.  These have all given her the opportunity to pursue her interests in laboratory operations, teaching and in the disciplines of cytopathology and ENT pathology.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Range on assuming the new leadership position.

Claudia Jones, MD.                                    Jiaoti Huang, MD, Ph.D.
Director of Cytopathology                           Chair