Jump-starting Digital Path/AI at Duke Through the BRPC

Jump-starting Digital Path/AI at Duke Through the BRPC

February 13, 2020

Dear colleagues, 

Please see the following article that was published today:


The NC Biotechnology Center requested to produce this story about how their instrumentation grant has been used to jump-start digital path/AI at Duke through the BRPC.  Many of you are aware of the new AI algorithm that predicts malignancy on thyroid aspiration slides historically categorized as ‘indeterminate’ -- this work is being done by Dr. Danielle Range (Pathology) and mathematicians/biostatisticians with Dr. Larry Carin’s team (see their Cancer Cytopathology paper attached).

Many thanks to the DCI Shared Resources group for the matching funds that allowed the purchase of the first research scanner and software in 2018.  I am hoping that in the next Cancer Center Support Grant renewal we can feature Dr. Range’s work as well as additional diagnostic and predictive algorithms that have been developed at Duke.  Drs. Barisoni and Glass (Pathology/BRPC’s Lead for Lung SPORE application) are co-leading the new Division of AI and Computational Pathology in our department with support from AI.Health and Dr. Carin -- and we look forward to continuing to support their efforts.  https://pathology.duke.edu/news/new-division-artificial-intelligence-and-computational-pathology

Best regards,

Shannon McCall