Duke Well Represented at SBUR Meeting

Duke Pathology featured prominently at the Society for Basic Urological Research (SBUR) Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, from November 7 to November 10, 2019.

Several Duke Pathology faculty members and postdoctoral fellows made presentations at the meeting:
•    Jiaoti Huang, MD PhD, Professor and Chairman, gave a talk, “Hormonal therapy for prostate cancer: Metabolic changes as the molecular basis of treatment response and failure.”
•    Qianben Wang, PhD, Professor, gave a talk, “Epigenomic approaches to identify transcriptional vulnerabilities of prostate cancer”.
•    Jung Wook Park, PhD, Assistant Professor, presented a poster titled “A genetically defined tumor model characterizes small cell carcinoma of the bladder”.
•    Fuwen Yuan, PhD, Postdoc, presented a poster titled “Molecular determinants for enzalutamide-induced oncogenic transcription in prostate cancer”.
•    William Hankey, PhD, Postdoc, presented a poster titled “Prostate cancer cell phenotypes are stable following PDE5 inhibition in the clinical range but antagonized by supraphysiological concentrations.”