Duke Pathology at the USCAP 2020 Meeting

Duke Pathology at the USCAP 2020 Meeting

Many of our staff attended the 109th USCAP meeting in Los Angeles during the week of February 29 - March 5, participating in all aspects of the meeting.

A reception for Duke Path members and alumni on Sunday night gathered friends past and present.

Dr. Angelica Selim gave two courses on Dermatopathology, and presented two Dermatopathology Evening Specialty Conferences; Dr. Xiaoyin “Sara” Jiang gave a special course on social media.   Duke Path was also well represented with six platform presentations and 21 posters with multiple authors.

Dr. Carolyn Glass was awarded the SCVP’s inaugural 2020 Margaret Billingham Award.

The plethora of presentations is detailed in a summary pdf here, and some moments are captured in the photos below.



Richard_Davis_CardiacAI.jpgDr. Richard Davis

Schild-USCAP-2020-poster.jpgDr. Michael Schild

USCAP2020-C.jpgDr. Catherine Luedke

USCAP2020-B.jpgDr. Taylor Forns

USCAP2020-A.jpgDr. Sara Jiang