DUHS Anatomic Pathology Lab Updates

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After 27 years of loyal and tireless service as the Manager of DUH and DRH Surgical Pathology Laboratories, Bert Dotson will be stepping back from this role. During this time, Bert has been essential in doing whatever it took to keep our labs going, overseeing several laboratory moves and LIS implementations. And this is to just name a few items of note. However, Bert will not be going very far! Effective November 4th, Bert will transition into a new role as our first Anatomic Pathology IT Analyst for DUHS Laboratories. In this role he will work for AP labs and serve as the primary liaison between DUHS AP Labs and DHTS (Duke IT) to hopefully further streamline requests and lead projects. Please join me in thanking Bert for his priceless contributions to Duke Surgical Pathology and in congratulating him as he takes on this new essential role within our AP labs!
As part of this transition, we would like to announce the creation of a new division within the AP laboratories: the Division of Anatomic Pathology and Digital Analytics. This new division will merge Image Cytometry, Histology, Immunopathology and Pathology Record Control (PRC) into one laboratory/division, further streamlining those labs that primarily utilize block and slides, and further focus our efforts revolving around digital pathology. The manager of this new division will be Kathryn Perkinson. Kathy has served as a manager for several AP laboratories for 20 years, including Flow Cytometry, Image Cytometry, Immunopathology and Electron microscopy, and is well equipped to take on this new challenge. As part of this transition, a new manager for Flow Cytometry will be recruited. Please join me in thanking Kathy for her tremendous contributions to Duke’s Flow Cytometry laboratory and in congratulating her as she takes on the management of this new division within our AP labs!
Additionally, DMP Surgical Pathology Laboratory will now be managed by a new Surgical Pathology/PA Manager:  Emily Wagner. Emily started with us in late July and has hit the ground running! She obtained her undergraduate degree from Wake Forest and then trained at Drexel University, where she obtained her Master’s degree (PA). For the last seven years Emily has worked in the Atlanta’s Children’s healthcare and Emory system. We are excited to have her join our team; please join me in welcoming Emily to our Duke family!
This is a very exciting time for our AP labs!  I look forward to seeing how these and future changes will continue to streamline our AP labs and propel us for future innovation.

Diana M. Cardona  MD
Vice Chair and Director, Duke University Health System Anatomic Pathology Laboratory Services