Deyrup on Editorial Team for “Robbins Essential Pathology”

Andrea T. Deyrup, MD PhD

Andrea T. Deyrup, MD PhD has joined the team of Drs. Vinay Kumar (University of Chicago), Abul Abbas (University of California San Francisco), and Jon Aster (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) as an editor for a new Robbins Pathology textbook, “Robbins Essential Pathology.” The book, set for publication in early 2020, is a condensed textbook primarily designed for integrated curricula in which Pathology is not a standalone course. Furthermore, this is a new model for Pathology content delivery: the text consists of core information while clinical material is expanded in cases and multiple choice questions for each chapter. Robbins Essential Pathology has three components:  a written text focused on mechanisms of pathogenesis (available in print and electronic formats); interactive cases with questions and answers and image highlighting for clinico-pathologic correlations (online only); and multiple-choice questions with explanations of correct and incorrect choices (online only). Robbins Pathology has been a cornerstone of Pathology education since the first edition in 1957. This newest addition to the Robbins family promises to continue that tradition.