DeRidder and Jug Join ICTMG

Gustaaf de Ridder, MD PhD  (PGY4) and Rachel Jug, MD (PGY2)

Pathology residents Gustaaf de Ridder, MD PhD  (PGY4) and Rachel Jug, MD (PGY2) have joined the International Collaboration for Transfusion Medicine Guidelines (ICTMG), an organization based in Toronto, Canada. The group includes transfusion experts from around the world, and their mission is to
1) Establish evidence-based transfusion medicine guidelines to optimize transfusion care,
2) Increase the credibility of guideline development for transfusion medicine by using a widely collaborative effort and a rigorous and consistent methodology, and
3) Enable more timely and cost-effective creation of transfusion medicine guidelines.

Dr. de Ridder and Dr. Jug will lead systematic reviews of clinical literature under the ICTMG's current focus, the management of preoperative anemia.

Please visit the ICTMG website for further information.