Abraham Receives Invitations After Cell Publication

Soman Abraham, PhD published an article entitled “A TRP Channel Senses Lysosome Neutralization by Pathogens to Trigger Their Expulsion” in the journal Cell that has earned him several invitations to talk at international conferences and research institutes. The Abraham lab has discovered that cellular lysosomes, which are generally regarded as degradative compartments, have the unique capacity to exocytosis cargo that are not degradable. This work has significant translational interest for the management of chronic urinary tract infections as well as to lysosomal storage diseases. Dr. Abraham presented his work at the Basic Science Symposium at the 2016 annual American Urological Association (AUA) Symposium in San Diego, CA on May 6th. His talk was entitled “Innate Host Defense Against Uropathogenic E.coli in the Bladder Epithelium.”  He also gave seminars to Research Training Group 1459 at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany on May 13th, 2016 and at the Leibniz-Institut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP) in Berlin, Germany on May 11, 2016. He also has invitations to speak at the Southeastern Immunology Symposium to be held at Duke on June 18, 2016 and at the 14th International Symposium on Mucopolysaccharidoses and Related Diseases on July 13th, 2016 in Bonn, Germany.